St. Patrick’s Day

Here in the Unit, we teach a lot of content. But I also feel that it is important to teach the students about holidays we celebrate. The majority of the students have never heard of Halloween or Thanksgiving. Here in the unit, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. We studied who St. Patrick was and talked about the Irish. We even went out and searched for four leaf clovers. Check out the pics’












Skip Counting with a ball

I have some students that are struggling with skip counting.  Here is a neat activity that gets students out of their seats and lets them toss around a ball.  When the student catches the ball, they have to say a number that we are counting by.  For example, if the student catches it they have to say 4.  They throw it to the next student and they have to say 8.  They keep on throwing it unit they get to 48.  Here is the link to it:

BrainPop ESL-Hello Ben and Moby!

Brainpop ESL is website that has lessons for ELL students.  I use this website has a whole class.  We watch the movie, we do the lessons, we play the games, and we take the tests.  The lessons are leveled, which means that it starts easy and then it gets harder.  The lessons involve listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  My students love this website.  Brainpop ESL is $115 for a year for a classroom.  It is well worth it though!