Slowly growing

We added a new student last week.  She is a Burmese girl who is Karen.  We are getting a Spanish speaker soon in the classroom.  We are moving smoothly with reading, math, and science.  This is a really good group of kids.


First week of School

We currently have five students in the unit.  One is a boy and the other are girls.  The boy is from Somalia and the others are from Burma.  There are two different ethnic groups that the girls are.  One of the girls is Chin.  The other three girls are Karrenni.  Both of these ethnic groups speak different languages but can communicate with each through Burmese.  It is a joy having all of these students in the classroom!

Who works in the unit?

We currently have three people that work in the unit. This is my third year teaching in the unit. I previously taught high school ESL. I have a degree in history and social studies. I also have a Masters in secondary education with an endorsement in ESL. My assistants are Renee Watson and Law De. This is Renee’s fourth year working in the unit. Law De my other assistant. Law De is from Burma and can speak many languages. This is Law De’s second year.