Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites

I just wanted to share an awesome website.  Cybrary Man has a wealth of information for anyone in education.  It doesn’t matter if you are a student, parent, or an educator this website has everything.  For teachers, it doesn’t matter what content you teach or what grade level Cybraryman has it!  Enjoy!


The Importance of Twitter in Education

I’ve been on Twitter for almost a year now and I’m addicted to it. I’m so addicted that I have two accounts. One account is my “teacher” account and the second account is my “goofing off” account. I thought this was the best way to help spread the word about what I do in the classroom but also follow my favorite sports and music.
I firmly believe that every teacher should get a twitter account. It’s the greatest professional development for me. I learn about the newest web tools to use and also neat articles. It’s also cool to follow Bill Nye The Science Guy or The Smithsonian. They share really neat info to share in the classroom. It’s the best way to communicate with fellow teachers too. You can google some of the best teachers to follow. Twitter is more than checking to see what your favorite star is eating. It’s a great way to learn! Do your self a favor and go get an account now!

You Tube for Teachers

I had the amazing opportunity to go to NSTA this year in Indy. (Big thanks to my wife Allison by the way!) While I was there, You Tube was there to discuss their site for teachers. Youtube for Teachers allow teachers to show videos to their class without having to worry about if it is appropriate. I always show You tube videos on the fly for my ELLs. This means that if I think they are not understanding what a tornado is, then I’m going to show a video of a tornado with out screening it. Youtube for Teachers has videos that are screened and are very educational. The homepage is divided by core content and grade levels. It’s very easy to navigate through. The gentleman that works for Youtube, said that the comments can be disabled too. I was really amazed on how great it looked. I will use this in my classroom!