Factor Samurai

Factor Samurai is a free math app that allows students to cut non-prime numbers. If you cut the number 4, it’s going to split into two 2s. The game is just like Fruit Ninja but with numbers. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from. This is a great math app!






Sounding Board- Talking Word Wall for your IPod!

Soundboard is an app that allows you create or search for talking word walls that your students can use. This is from the creator of Pogoboards, a website I use for my students. The app is very easy to use. My only complaint is that you can’t add a lot of pictures. You can add up to 9 pictures.





Mobile Symballo

Symballo just released a mobile app! For those who have no idea what Symballo is, Symballo allows you to have visual bookmarks as your home screen on your computer. This app does the same thing. You can set a wallpaper for your bookmarks. This is great for ELLs, younger children, or who anybody who wants to have their bookmarks in one easy app!







2011-2012-What a year!

This year flew by!  This was an amazing year for my class.  I had little to no behavior problems in the room. (I guess this is what happens when you have 10 girls and four boys)  I also felt that my students progressed well in their English.  It was neat looking back at their Fall and Spring Assessments. In the Fall, the majority of the students wrote one word for their writing test.  But by Spring, there were a few that were writing paragraphs!  I have four that will be moving on to middle school.  Then there will be five students that will have to go back to their home school.  These students do not live close to Cumberland Trace.  Finally, there are five students that will stay at Cumberland Trace.  Four of them will be out in the school but I will have to keep one.  This student came into school at May.  It will be great to see in a few years on how well they will do! Check out our Animoto video of our school year!

Intensive English Unit 2012.

The Importance of Twitter in Education

I’ve been on Twitter for almost a year now and I’m addicted to it. I’m so addicted that I have two accounts. One account is my “teacher” account and the second account is my “goofing off” account. I thought this was the best way to help spread the word about what I do in the classroom but also follow my favorite sports and music.
I firmly believe that every teacher should get a twitter account. It’s the greatest professional development for me. I learn about the newest web tools to use and also neat articles. It’s also cool to follow Bill Nye The Science Guy or The Smithsonian. They share really neat info to share in the classroom. It’s the best way to communicate with fellow teachers too. You can google some of the best teachers to follow. Twitter is more than checking to see what your favorite star is eating. It’s a great way to learn! Do your self a favor and go get an account now!